First Section of the Intercounty Connector Getting Ready to Open

After years of planning and discussion, locals will have a chance to drive on the the Intercounty Connector (ICC), when the first segment opens next week, (Slated to open February 22). Members of the media were given a sneak preview of the 7.5 miles, which stretches from I-270/I-370 near the Shady Grove Metro station in Gaithersburg to just east of MD 97 (Georgia Ave.), on Tuesday morning.

The road will be free to drivers for the first two weeks. Starting March 6, the Maryland Transportation Authority will start charging tolls.

Instead of traditional toll booths, tolls will be collected electronically via E-ZPass at toll gantries. On the first segment, there are two toll gantries located just west of MD 97 and near Muncaster Mill Rd. — one for eastbound and one for westbound traffic.

A Maryland Transportation Authority spokesperson said, initially, as many as 21,000 drivers are expected to travel on the road each day.

Click to watch a preview of the InterCounty Connectors first completed section

For additional information about the InterCounty Connector go to

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